reveal-ck provides a command line interface that takes one or more files as input and creates a reveal.js presentation using ruby.

reveal-ck operates in two modes:


I was working at a company that invited people to get up and present their work at a weekly lunch.

I was doing all of my work in my favorite editor, and I wanted to present on some topic without learning the ins-and-outs of PowerPoint or KeyNote.

I started using reveal.js, but without support it was too cumbersome: there were hundreds of files, and my content was mixed in with my presentation.

One of the goals of reveal-ck is to let you create a reveal.js presentation from a single file containing only your content.

That file, ultimately, will become HTML but users can write in Markdown or HAML or whatever.

It heavily leverages some of the tools that make ruby famous, including tools used by github to do things like insert emoji or write an @mention.